Vienna’s Draq Queen Scene

7 shows (2019 – 2021), 13 fierce personalities and 1 shared passion: B.I.T.C.H. (Being In Total Control, Honey). To see more click here.

Project ZER0 – Breaking Gender Stereotypes

A personal photography project to show how flexible femininity and masculinity can be defined. Even more that masculine presenting people are „allowed“ to explore themselves through the power of MakeUp. To see more click here.

what is gender? what are genderroles? how do we define femininity and masculinity?

raw. emotions. people.

the human nature is always fascinating to me – capturing raw emotions (or lack thereof) is a form of art itself and i’d never get bored of taking photos of people. especially interacting with people this intimate while suffering from social anxiety is a never-ending challenge yet fulfilling each time. To see more click here.


the word flower thrives in every language. it’s hard to hold everything these days; it’s hard to concentrate. it’s good to just stop and ground ourselves every now and then – with flowers, though. Click here to see more.

#klimaticket: Austria on rails.

after graduation with matura i decided to treat myself with a klimaticket as a „matura trip“ to explore Austria through the lenses of my loyal companion: my canon 80d. To see more click here.

art, diy projects and more…

I mostly create art using my ipad and procreate, but ever now and then i try to do some more DIY projects to step out of my comfort zone! feel free to contact me fore commission work. To see more click here.

Artist, Writer, Activist

Oliver Jayden Suchanek was born and raised in Austria has been living in Vienna since January 2020. Finished Matura (Networking and Computer Science). They are a self-taught photographer and artist. Oliver considers themselves as a visual story creator with a strong base on human emotion, beauty of nature and expressive storytelling.

They are also a public activist on twitter on debunking myths and telling stories regarding deafness and disability in general, accessibility, transgender and nonbinary.